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When it comes to inbound marketing, thought leaders point to three categories of especially potent content: entertainment, information, and utility. If you have an alliteration affinity, consider the guideline that content be informative, instructive, or inspiring.

I feel there’s particular power at the intersection of informative and inspiring, and I began creating such content nearly ten years ago. In 2007, I founded the blog Girl in the Gloaming to explore the literary and historical references I glimpsed in lyrics by the relatively unknown songwriter Josh Ritter.

Since then I’ve composed content in multiple channels, both for work and for play. What drove me back in 2007 is what drives me now: a passion for storytelling, unflagging curiosity, the heart of a teacher, and a little talent and a lot of discipline for writing and spit-polishing prose.

Title: From Mundane to Muse
Stats: 867 words; 4 min read
Excerpt: “I’m excited for the kid who feels that little charge when he tips the viewfinder just so, getting the exact life slice he wants to serve. I’m hopeful for the kid who, challenged to find art in her every day, finds she’s just a little more secure, or content, in that place—in herself—for the effort. The opening.”
Praise: Used by Spark Ventures in awareness and fundraising campaigns
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curiousTitle: Dear Christopher: A Reflection on #CuriousIncident
Stats: 1573 words; 6 min read
Excerpt: “The brilliant mechanism for this, of course, is the stage itself. A sheet of electrified graph-paper blankets the ground in stolid precision, rooting the action in your favorite things—mathematics, machines, computers—while at the same time leveraging these things to activate and delight the imagination of the audience.”
Praise: Retweeted by Alex Sharp, who went on to win the Tony for best actor for his performance, and by Abram Rooney, who played Christopher in London’s West End.
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Historical_conquests_coverTitle: A Time to Wait
Stats: 2824 words, 11 min read
Excerpt:Track 8 opens with a celestial cacophony: a stuck car horn, a whirring siren, lazy guitar strums, audible shooting stars. The tempo is plodding, the chords wooden. This is the gentle, wistful, monotonous stage of waiting. There’s a lot of hope, for out from a void stretch endless possibilities.”
Praise: Retweeted by musician Josh Ritter
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condonlunchTitle: A Lunchtime Story
Stats: 5744 words; 22 min read
Excerpt: “It was the kids’ preparation of puttanesca sauce that prompted a discussion of olives and capers and garlic, which led to Nat’s imagining of Dracula on the phone to Domino’s. When creepy Count Olav appears to be angling to marry his adolescent niece, Natalie puts her head down on the graffitied table, and even I start to lose patience.”
Praise: Promoted by Read to a Child in awareness and fundraising campaigns
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GITW_rounded copyTitle: Turning up the music (Video)
Stats: 587 words + 06:10 video, 9 min read
Excerpt:I go and I watch, maybe once every week or two. I marshal my thoughts on the reality of war, though workday stress often seizes my focus. It is difficult to slow down—mentally and physically—and match her pace. My mind wanders, my knee jiggles. I note the subtly changing placement of the noon sun, the angles of the shadows.”
Praise: Featured in Joanne Rice’s exhibition at Mobius Artists Group, promoted by Trinity Church Boston
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