Social Media


I love social media, in part because it’s an arena where thinking fast and creatively pays off. I love the challenge of observing, intuiting, brainstorming, and creating, all within a time span of ten seconds to two months. All in the service of standing out from the crowd while building a community.

While I’ve tried many of them, Twitter has been my channel of choice. My commitment to its continual practice has taught me firsthand the basic tenets of Social: be consistent, unique, interactive, authentic . . . and patient. It takes time for a high-quality following to take root.
I’ve settled on the the tools TweetDeck, ManageFlitter, and Hootsuite for managing my account, and I’ve run campaigns using Twitter Ads Manager. The animation of @girlgloaming has led to ongoing, enjoyable experimentation with writing, marketing, promotion, and engagement in this digital age.

My Tweet Life

Promotion: #ACSDenver and #TicketPlease

Live-tweeting: #ProductCampBoston and #WordCampBoston

Interactive: #PickOne

Humor: #FunnyTweets and #MoreFunnyTweets

Variations on a Theme: #Holidays2015 and #LifeUpNorth

Running with the Unexpected: #HarassingMrFarrow

I hate Twitter. What else you got?