Lynne on Social Media


I love social media because it’s an arena where the ability to pair speed with high creativity pays off, and my mom gifted me her eye for a quick, witty reaction. Moreover, she gifted me a relish for the race.

Social favors those who carefully craft and plan ahead too, of course, but whatever you’ve scheduled, posts come easiest when you’re open to what’s happening in the moment. This suits my talents and temperament very well.

I love the challenge of observing, intuiting, synthesizing, composing, and publishing upon the shifting sands of technology. All within a time span of ten seconds to two months. All in the service of standing out from the crowd to find and summon your tribe.

My Twitter account, nearing 2000 authentic followers, hovers around a daily average engagement rate of 2%. The animation of @girlgloaming has taught me firsthand the tenets of Social: be consistent, unique, and interactive, take a view—lest you snuff out your spark—embrace your whims (but edit), and be patient.

While you’re practicing patience, use the time in relative obscurity to tinker with and train your most important asset—your voice. (And accept the fact that thanks to pop culture and memes and the Urban Dictionary, you’re now enrolled in a perpetuengagementrateal course on the English language.)

These words describe the voice of @girlgloaming: humorous, self-deprecating, snarky, curious, informative, clever, warm, and encouraging. They also describe me as a person—so it’s jolly easy to stay on-brand.

To connect with and cultivate a community—the chief purpose of Social—a brand must establish a voice tuned to its unique value proposition and corporate values. From there a personality will emerge, and eventually, you’ll have an account whose followers actively wonder, What are they up to now? and What will they say next?

Keeping folks wondering is what I do best.

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Variations on a Theme: #Holidays2015 and #LifeUpNorth

Are you on Instagram? Yep! Find me at @girlgloaming.

What about blog posts, reviews, or long form? I write those too.

…And video? Roll tape!