Why I’m on Twitter


I love social media because it’s an arena where the ability to pair speed with high creativity pays off, and my mom gifted me her eye for a quick, witty reaction. Moreover, she gifted me a relish for the race.

I love the challenge of observing, intuiting, composing, and publishing upon the shifting sands of software updates. All within a time span of ten seconds to two months. All in the service of standing out from the crowd, in hopes of summoning your tribe..

The animation of my Twitter account, @girlgloaming, has taught me firsthand the tenets of Social: be consistent, unique, and interactive, take a view—lest you snuff out your spark—embrace your whims (but edit), and be patient.engagementrate

And while you’re practicing patience, use the time in relative obscurity to tinker with and train your most important asset—your voice. (And accept the fact that thanks to memes and the Urban Dictionary, you’re now enrolled in a perpetual course on pop culture and the English language.)

From there a personality will emerge, and eventually, you’ll have an account whose followers actively wonder, What is she up to now?

Keeping folks wondering is what I do best.

Promotion: #ACSDenver and #TicketPlease

Live-tweeting: #ProductCampBoston and #WordCampBoston

Interactivity: #PickOne

Humor: #FunnyTweets and #MoreFunnyTweets

Variations on a Theme: #Holidays2015 and #LifeUpNorth

I’m also on Instagram. Find me at @girlgloaming.

I also write blog posts, reviews, and long-form essays. Find some examples here.

…And video? Roll tape!

Wondering about the picture above?

It’s the balcony of the Huntington Avenue Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. I am an occasional usher there, and I was pretty intrigued by that single, random red chair. But as yet, no one can tell me what significance it has, if any. Maybe it just needed reupholstering. In my imagination, it tells quite a story.