Social Media


While an analytics dashboard will handle a lot, the seeds for success in social marketing originate in a human able to observe, intuit, brainstorm, and create, all within a time span of ten seconds to two months.

Those gifted at social make it look easy, but opening any app will trigger an avalanche of evidence that it’s not. There’s so much to ignore out there, and adding to it is worse than doing nothing at all. Establishing a voice and putting out solid content takes serious time and critical thought.

While I’ve tried many of them, Twitter has been my channel of choice. My commitment to its continual practice has taught me firsthand the basic tenets of Social: be consistent, unique, interactive, authentic…and patient. It takes time for a high-quality following to take root.

I’ve settled on the the tools TweetDeck, ManageFlitter, and Hootsuite for managing my account, and I’ve run campaigns using Twitter Ads Manager. The animation of @girlgloaming has led to ongoing, enjoyable experimentation with writing, marketing, promotion, and engagement in this digital age.

The Tweet Life: A Twitfolio

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Live-tweeting: #wcbos

Interactive: #PickOne

Humor: #FunnyTweets and #MoreFunnyTweets

Variations on a Theme: #Holidays2015 and #LifeUpNorth

Running with the Unexpected: #HarassingMrFarrow