Harassing Mr. Farrow


On June 3, 2014, I replied to @RonanFarrow’s little joke about the ubiquity of listicles with my own little joke. And, to my surprise, he retweeted it to his >$250K followers. Woah! It was my biggest RT yet…but within a few hours it disappeared.

Oh dear. What had I done?

Nothing, it turned out. Mr. Farrow’s account deletes retweets of mere plebeians at a regular clip. But my nanosecond of attention from a famous fellow joker gave a bit of a thrill, and my imagination went charging off on silly wordplay with the relatively newfangled word “Retweet” and the theme of (perceived) romantic rejection taken to the extreme. I challenged myself to tweet once per day at the (conveniently) devilishly handsome Mr. Farrow for a month, and the result is below.

He never replied. Can we blame him?


*drops mic*