About Lynne


I’m Lynne Blaszak, native of Michigan, sojourner in London, transplant in Boston.

I’m also these things:

storyteller (tell it, girl)
iPhone tormentor (sorry)
Anglophile (rather)
solo world traveler (Nica)
10pm rambler
Josh Ritter superfan (smilin’ just a little bit)
exorbitant library fine payer
Boston & NYC theatregoer (London too)
lake and lap swimmer
mosquito siren
24hr diner diner
Maxxinista® (yep)
recipe tester
military time keeper

Alas, I am not typically these things:

up early
watching the game
watching cable
in the mall

Who or what are you?

Twitter: @girlgloaming
Instagram: @girlgloaming

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