A Hiker’s Dozen


12 noon (late) start from the New Hampshire trail head. (Never fails.)

11 points: Boston’s biggest lead in ill-fated Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday night. (Boo.)

10 items purchased at the startlingly good Garnet Hill Firsts and Seconds Store on Sunday. (Total spend is classified.)

~9 hours hiking in the White Mountains on Saturday, including a decent sojourn at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Greenleaf Hut. No records broken. And yet. We leapt about like Olympians when we finished.

8.9 miles: Falling Waters Trail to surreal Franconia Ridge to Greenleaf to Old Bridle Path.

7x different vegetables on the glorious, very large, stone-baked “Veggie Notch” pizza inhaled at the Cannon Mountain View Restaurant after we got off the trail.

6ish: dinnertime at Greenleaf Hut. On the menu: salad, turkey, mashed potatoes, and more. (We only passed through.)


$5 (unpaid) cover at the Dutch Treat bar in Franconia. The dealbreaker: 9pm kitchen close. A real blessing, it turned out. (See: 7.)

4,000 foot vertical. (Okay: 3,950.)

3x summits: Little Haystack, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Lafayette. (Also 3: the number of times we were chagrined to discover the peak in the foreground was not yet Lafayette).

2x nights at the excellent Kinsman Lodge (est. 1860s).

1x new Brandi Carlile CD for the road.

1x recipe for homemade granola pulled from the Innkeeper’s binder.

1x opportunity to use my French on the trail when an incredibly glamorous fiftyish woman offered, “Tu peux aller.”

1x lone, mohawked woman scrambling up Franconia Ridge in a string bikini top:


$1: charge for a “really good” bowl of soup at Greenleaf Hut. (Source: famished day hiker.)

1x male tiara- and tutu-clad AMC cook.

1x large black bear spotted crossing Route 116 on Sunday morning.

[The End]