Things get heavy real fast in the city. On any given day, we urban commuting gals are likely schlepping some combination of the following across town: lunch fixings, sneakers, dress shoes, books, iPads, laptops, gym clothes, gifts, magazines, library pick-ups or drop-offs, mail, make-up, toiletries, groceries, and errand debris. (Also, in my case, errant debris.)

So we’re a hardy bunch. We hike our leaden handbags farther up our shoulders—and dutifully serve 4-6 in physical therapy—and shimmy the backpack straps over our woolen coats, and we trundle on.

Until we duck into a café for a snack and a rest. There, one more challenge often awaits. Which is why these days I’m also packing a cordless SKIL drill, some screws, and some hooks.

Permission to whine, dear Readers.

Why oh why aren’t there more hooks on the back of bathroom doors in the city? I’m looking at you, Temptations Café, and you, Trident Café, and YOU, Cafénation! How I would love to send your management into their loo with one of these handbags and instructions to use the facilities but never put the bag down.

They realize we can’t put the bag down, right? (Because it’s gross!?)

I was a reluctant guerilla activist, but I suppose all it takes is getting the clarion call. Even if you’re on the toilet clutching an overstuffed daypack, or pivoting from sink to dryer with a purse pinned between your knees.

I considered printing up a bunch of stickers with a drawing of a purse. “These need a hook!” they would say—a riff on the “These come from trees” numbers they stick on towel dispensers.

But ultimately I figured, “Just Be the Change.” So these days I order a latte and in the time it takes to make, I slip off to the bathroom and unleash Home Depot where it can do a world of good for $3.79.

I’m like the Banksy of the utilitarian, germaphobic set.

You’re welcome, Boston.