2 thoughts on “#Nicaragua

  1. We are the 2 Aussies who were ripped off re NY accomm. Love your photos. Remember you too. Lots of travel for us, loved Vitoria in spainn and oaxaca in mex. Russell off for a surf on a remote Indo island. Mitty to tas soon. Both of us off to Chile or back to Spain and Portugal.Loved the photos [once again]. Thanks MRussell and Mitty


    • Russell! Lovely to hear from you. Glad you all are still getting around and enjoying life.

      I’ve just returned from Ireland/Northern Ireland. I still think of the story you told about first meeting Mitty there…falling out of the tree after hailing the cab, spotting her backpack disappearing down some stairs…communicating via telegram! (I’ve just re-read my travel journal.)

      Also of your deep support of Sayed. So inspiring. How is he? Send my love to Mitty! I hope to see you in Australia one day. xo


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