Thanks for coming. Here’s some writing by me, Lynne Blaszak:

If you’re here for some dirt, I confess.

I tweet at @girlgloaming. Gloaming is a splendid word for the most beautiful part of the day. One restless autumn I decided to visit it every night.

Speaking of tweets, here’s some funny ones. If you like those, here’s some more.

On finding a neighbor looking through my trash.

On going to Africa. Solo. On a Groupon. To volunteer. [PHOTOS]

If you’ve read or seen The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, try this.

This is probably the most fabulous thing that happened daily for two years on Copley Square and that you never heard about.

And this is a desperate plea from my long-suffering iPhone.

Mark Twain really wants to tell you about the Mississippi River. You should let him.

One magical night in June with Bob Dylan.

If you or your child has ever delighted in Judy Moody, Kate DiCamillo, The Wimpy Kid, Tom and Huck, or Pippi, this South Boston Read Aloud Story is for you.

Josh Ritter fans, proceed directly to Girl in the Gloaming.

Oh yeah: All that and I’m single.

Let’s talk!

Best wishes,

Twitter: @girlgloaming
Instagram: @girlgloaming

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