These are the tweets hanging on my parents’ refrigerator. #FunniestTweets

These tweets won an Honorable Mention.

Here’s what I saw and did during a solo trip to Granada, #Nicaragua.

And what happened when #DadCameInFeb and then when #MomCameInJune. And who could forget #Holidays2015?

#TicketPlease is a compilation of tweets about theatre-going.

#PickOne is my tribute to Twitter polls.

I live-tweeted this Moth StorySLAM in Boston in May 2014. The theme was Courage. In February 2015 I told my first story at The Moth. The theme was Hair.

Watching Game of Thrones? This might be my favorite #GoT episode ever.

I hail from Michigan. #LifeUpNorth and #CampfireStories are remembrances of where I come from.

And they’re not tweets, but here are a few sentences about my philosophy on and interest in social media.


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