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Hello! I’m Lynne Blaszak, and my business pet peeve is any form of connection—a campaign or some content or a new product line or feature, say—that leaves its intended audience behind.

Of course, to properly address any audience you must first pin down exactly who they are. As Marie Forleo says, “If you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.”

And once we’ve got the almighty Who, we go to work to identify what that audience cares about most, so, in turn, we can begin to experiment with what moves them. Moves them emotionally—for no attempt at connection is emotionally neutral—and ultimately, of course, moves them to act.

In the digital world, ways to lose an audience include poor UX, inconsistency, describing, instead of demonstrating, value, complicating the call to action, creating—rather than curating or cutting through—noise, shrinking from transparency or vulnerability…and taking any other action that winds up disappointing, rather than delighting, your followers.

tl; dr: My mantra: “Thou shall waste no one’s time, especially your own.”

Can I help bridge the distance between you and your audience?

If you’re in need of a content consultant, I hope you’ll spend a few minutes with my work.

The writing samples and social media snapshots collected at FirstThingTomorrow aim to demonstrate my creative intuition and capability, my zeal for driving authentic engagement, and how I continue to walk the talk with regard to keeping current and connected.

Let’s get going on…

  • Content marketing
    • Campaign brainstorming & creation
    • Editorial voice development
    • Web content writing
    • Storytelling
    • Blogging
    • Newsletters
    • Email marketing
  • Content strategy
    • Content audits
    • Content planning
    • Content calendars

…but first, please say Hello!

Best wishes,